viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

My school, by Xoel Graíño.

Hello, my name is Xoel Graíño and my school is Emilia Pardo Bazán Primary School. It's a big school with two buildings: one for Primary and one for Infants. There are lots of stairs inside the Primary building. There are four toilets on each plant. It's got a concert hall, a staff room and a lift, too. In the playground there are two pitches: one for football, and one for handball and basketball.

There are several teachers. There is a secretary, a headteacher and a head of studies. The headteacher is Mr José Manuel, and the head of studies is Mr Horacio.

We haven't got any books because we use netbooks. I am in year 5, my class is 5B. In my class there is a digital board and many netbooks. My teacher is Mrs María José, but now she is ill and our teacher these days is Mr Alberto. There are 25 children in my classroom and my best friend is Martín.

My favourite subject is Physical Education because it is fun, and I like English too. My English teacher is Mrs Rose. I don't like Social Science because it's boring and difficult.

This is my school.

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