jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

"My Halloween post" By Isaac,5ºA

Hello friends!
I've got to write a whole composition about Halloween, so here it goes:

- Halloween is a festival celebrated on 31st October. Celts believed that, this day, the dead could come to this world and the living could go to their world!
- Halloween is usually celebrated in English speaking countries, such as England, New Zealand and the USA.
- On Halloween, children go trick-or-treating. This means they go to houses asking for candy (treats), and if somebody doesn't give the treats, they will play a prank on the owners of the house (trick).
-But the most popular thing people do on Halloween is making Jack-'o'-lanterns. These are practically just completely normal pumkins, but with a face carved in them. They also have holes at the top and you can put a candle through them, to then light it up and make it look more scary in the dark. You have to put it near windows. It's meant to scare away bad spirits. Ha, ha, ha!


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