martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Emilia Pardo Bazan by Diego.S

CEIP Emilia Pardo Bazan is a good school. It´s modern and very very big, but it is a little bit borring. The rules of my school are:
- you have to arrive at school at nine o clock.
-you have to do your homework every day.
In the school there are about 300 pupils and 70 teachers, there is one gym, one canteen, one sport centre, two English classrooms and about 69 normal classrooms.
The canteen is very big but the food is not very good. I like the pizza best but the salad is horrible.
After school there are a lot of clubs like: drama clubn football club, basketball club, cookery club...
The clubs start at five o clock andthey last the whole afternoo.

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