lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

The recipe of muffins by "Sandra 6ºB"

INGREDIENTS:                                              EQUIPMENT:
-1 lemon                                                             -a bowl
-3 eggs                                                               -a mixer
- yeast                                                                -a spoon
-200 g of sugar                                                   -a knife
-250g of flour                                                      -a plate
-1 glass of olive oil                                               -a glass
1.First you have to scratch the lemon with the knife and put it on a plate.
2.Then you have to break the eggs and add the olive oil,the sugar,the lemon,the yeast and the flour
and mix all the ingredients.
3.Next you have to decorate it
with chocolate.
4.Finally you have to bake it to 180º.


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