domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

"The Recipe for Trifle" by Iria Teijeiro 6C

Ingredients:                             Equipment:
- 3 sponge cakes                     - a bowl
- strawberry jam                      - a spoon
- fruit juice                               -  a fork
- 1 banana                               - a knife
- 1 tin of peach                         - a chopping board
- custard                                  - a plate
-cream                                     - a serviette
-hundreds and thousands
-caramel sauce

1º First you have to put 3 sponge cakes in the bowl.
2º Secondly you have to add the jam.
3º Then you have to pour the fruit juice over the sponge cakes.
4º Next you have to peel the bananas, slice them and put it over the jam.
5º After that you have to chop the peaches and lay them over the bananas.
6º Then you have to add the custar
7º Next you have to add the cream.
8º And finally you have to decorate it with hundreds and thousands.

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